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Open Mon-Fri: 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Sat: 8:00AM to 1:00PM

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Our History

A native of central Texas, Dr. Damon Campbell migrated to Kentucky in 1960. He tested and vaccinated cattle as part of the US government’s effort to eradicate Brucellosis, an ancient infectious disease impacting cattle, bison, and humans. He used a mobile chute and traveled from farm to farm throughout north central Kentucky.

He also joined the University of Louisville College of Medicine in 1960, and served as a professor of pharmacology, lab animal director, and researcher. In 1965, he purchased Blue Cross Animal Hospital, established in 1920 by Dr. Ritchey, from Dr. Carol Rowe.

Dr. Campbell served Louisville as a private practitioner, consultant for the Louisville Zoo as well as Louisville Dog Warden, and he mentored numerous local veterinarians. In 1975, he visited New Guinea to study cysticercosis, a fatal parasitic disease transmitted from eating under-cooked pork. He brought orthopedic bone plating procedures to Louisville in 1970, then partnered with the University of Louisville in 1980 to offer cataract surgery to our companion animal population.

In November 2017, Dr. Scott Campbell, a board-certified specialist with over 18 years of clinical medicine experience, partnered with Blue Cross Animal Hospital. A 1987 graduate of Male High School, he is the founder of Metropolitan Veterinary Emergency Service, Kentucky’s largest and most complete emergency and critical care service. He is first author of multiple scientific publications, serves as a continuing education speaker for local and national meetings, and is co-director of a nationally approved veterinary internship program.

Blue Cross Animal Hospital intends to continue our tradition of providing high-quality veterinary medicine in Louisville, as we have done since the great depression. For more than 98 years, we have been a stable presence on East Broadway. We are thankful, humbled and blessed by the support of our community.

“We embrace Louisville as we feel we have been one of the fibers connecting our city.” – Dr. Scott Campbell, 2018